The Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) Quantum Technologies (QT) Flagship is a large-scale initiative funded at the 1b € level on a 10 years timescale. It consists in a coherent set of research and innovation projects, one of which is AQTION. The goal is to consolidate and expand European scientific leadership and excellence in this research area, to kick-start a competitive European industry in Quantum Technologies and to make Europe a dynamic and attractive region for innovative research, business and investments in this field

In a nutshell

1 billion €

funding from the European Commission for quantum technology projects

10+ years

will be the timeline for the Flagship running from 2018 until 2028


researchers from all across Europe will be involved in the Flagship


Research and Innovation Actions (RIA) proposals submitted in response of the first Quantum Flagship call

Long term vision

Long term vision

Over these next 10 years, the QT flagship intends to place Europe at the forefront of the second quantum revolution which is now unfolding worldwide. It aims to bring disruptive quantum technologies to the scientific arena and to society in general by bringing forward new commercial opportunities addressing global challenges, providing strategic capabilities for security and seeding yet unimagined applications for the future. It will build a network of European Quantum Technologies programs that will foster an ecosystem capable of delivering the knowledge, technologies and open research infrastructures and testbeds necessary for the development of a world-leading knowledge-based industry in Europe.