MILLENION aims to build a scalable quantum computer based on trapped ions that will push European quantum computing capabilities to industrial relevance by providing well-controlled registers up to 1000 qubits by the end of the decade.

MILLENION’s devices will feature processor register sizes too large to describe on even supercomputers, will be integrated into classical High-Performance Computing hardware centres and interconnect different processors locally through ion transport and remotely via a quantum a quantum network.

The AQTION project has demonstrated that it is possible to shrink a trapped-ion quantum computer the size of a laboratory down to just two industry-standard 19” server racks. At the same time, we showed that this miniaturisation and modularisation does not have to come at the cost of performance.

MILLENION’s mission is now to take the next big step in this progression: Realising a scalable architecture, multi-node and multi-processor computers connected locally or remotely, and protect its quantum information via quantum error correction. MILLENION systems will transfer large-scale ion-trap quantum computing from the laboratory into a commercial environment in which applications can be devised and implemented by non-specialist users through the proposed interfaces.